The main impact/theme/idea this book has left me with is that you are the only person who can change your situation. If you are not content with where you are in life then it is up to you to make a change, evidently there aspects that are out of your control such as luck, which Offred received a lot of. However, it is you who chooses what to do with your options. In the book ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ the protagonist Offred was not satisfied with her position in the newly structured society as she was being forced to do things against her will and was being abused because she was a capable female. This led to her attempting to change her situation by not conforming and grasping the few opportunities that she is provided with to improve her life.

One main reason I think Atwood wrote the HMT was to make us think about

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  1. How much was Offred a non-conformist? Was she not rather passive in the situation she found herself in?


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