2nd July 2018

‘Chapter One’ 3.4


Must include theme of control – Dystopian

Scene: Location, smell, sound, surroundings


Potential Storyline: Protagonist on a boat, shipwrecked on an island, indigenous tribe live in a society where everyone is equal – essentially a utopia. Protagonist is from a society where everyone must conform and adhere to government policies. It is not a very free state and people are not happy. Protagonist sees how life could be.

Have flash backs to his own life in society.

Chapter 1:

The waves were no longer lapping at the side of the dingy as it had been earlier in the day before the arrival of the raging tempest. The wooden dingy, crafted from a totara tree from back home and emblazoned with words and symbols of a now lost language, had been easily carving through the tranquil seas until the weather changed for the worse around midday. The scorching sun engulfed by clouds provided a pleasant temperature decrease, however, the storm that came with it made sailing impossible and so the only option was to sit and wait. -INSERT NAME- was used to sitting and waiting, he had done for the majority of his life, waiting for a chance to come that would allow him to escape the controlled society that he was born into. -NAME- was never one for conformity and this venture was certainly the pinnacle of it. All his life he had gone against the grain much to the disapproval of his teachers and parents who were worried for his safety once he turned 17.


Incoming waves dwarfed the boat

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