1st October 2017

Potential settings:


Inversion layer – walking from home across to the lake

  • Frost
  • Mist
  • Damp
  • Uncomfortable
  • Slipping up hill
  • Lake, like glass, a mirror, lapping
  • Willow trees etc on lakefront
  • Serene
  • Everything seems to be frozen, still in time
  • breath, can be seen in front of you
  • Puffa jacket, feathers ‘creeping’ out
  • Learns to appreciate the scenics when it is unaffected by cloud


Barceloneta – meandering along the beach front

  • Bustle of city life
  • Buskers
  • Children player
  • Lapping of waves against the  beach – Mediterranean
  • Sun beating down against bear back
  • Sand stuck in between undergarments  


Camp Nou – atmosphere

  • Noisy
  • Sweaty
  • Smell of cheap fake food to purchase
  • Bustle
  • Whistles blaring
  • A concrete jungle
  • Undescribable
  • Cheering


Your alarm blares, waking you from serenity, condensation creeps along the windows, an early sign of the bleak day awaiting you; one which you must embrace after emerging from your bed in which solace is found. Curtains drawn, you glance outside expectant of another overcast but pleasant day, however, what you see is a surprise or more what you cannot see. A dark shadow is present in the air, mist shrouds all view, fog prohibits any sunlight from piercing through and bringing revelation to you. Leaving your place of safety to venture outside you are swallowed by the fog as if you have stepped into the mouth of a great mythical beast. The fog simply smothers all that it touches and forces you into uncomfortable confinement that ends only at the lakefront, where the grey tendrils envelop the beach before dispersing into oblivion as it evaporates. Slowing walking across the seemingly endless field that inhabits the entirety of space between you and freedom, you emit a deep breath only for it to appear in front of you, linger, then disappear into oblivion. Days like this make you wonder if you will ever see the sun again. The longing for its warming embrace intensifies the further you venture into the unknown. A re-occurring feeling that is encountered in many a situation. Leaving family to discover yourself is one in particular that has been plaguing much of your thoughts of late, and these walks have had a tendency to relieve you for the time being and allow you to focus on the more immediate tasks at hand, however, this is not the case today. The lamentable weather saps you of any motivation or desire to further yourself, your sole purpose is to reach the edge of the lakefront. You pull your puffer jacket tighter around your shivering body, feathers creeping out as you do in a futile attempt to ward off the dampness that you encounter,

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