Chapter One – 3.4 Prologue: Footsteps thundered behind him with no regard for those of the public still out at this late hour, move or be moved was seemingly the mindset of the pursuers. The dim lighting of this run-down part of town was essentially non-existent with close to every lamp post broken or fading. […]

In the topical and enthralling film ‘V for Vendetta’ directed by James McTeigue, differing camera shots/angles, lighting and music are used to portray his intentions. The ‘Domino’ scene and the ‘Final Fight’ scene both use these cinematography techniques to effectively convey an important message regarding the power of ideas. Throughout the film we follow the […]

In the critically acclaimed film ‘Minority Report’ by Steven Spielberg, we see the use of the two cinematography techniques of camera angles and lighting to further portray the dystopian society. The scene gives an insight into the daily lives of people and the conditions that they live in. The camera follows the spiders movement as […]

Statement of Intent: I intend to write a critical review of the ‘Handmaids Tale’ with a focus on the theme of control that is evident in the novel. I will also discuss the importance of freedom, especially in relation to current problems that we are facing in the world. Freedom is an often underestimated and […]

The main impact/theme/idea this book has left me with is that you are the only person who can change your situation. If you are not content with where you are in life then it is up to you to make a change, evidently there aspects that are out of your control such as luck, which […]

‘I look at the one red smile. The red of the smile is the same as the red of the tulips in Serena Joy’s garden, towards the base of the flowers where they are beginning to heal. The red is the same but there is no connection. The tulips are not tulips of blood, the […]

  Dystopian Literature is essentially a form of writing utilised to explore and display social and political structures in a world where the people are oppressed in some way. It is typically set in the future and aims to extrapolate current problems to raise issues around many aspects of life inclusive of society, environment, politics, […]

English Speech Adaption for Portfolio – What is right and what is just   Immigration is a problem in many countries and impacts millions of people yearly. New Zealand, an affluent country, can accommodate some of these millions of refugees who are forced out of their homes. No human should be forced to experience this […]

Your alarm blares, waking you from serenity. Condensation creeps along the windows, an early sign of the bleak day awaiting; a day you must embrace after emerging from your bed in which solace is found. Curtains drawn you glance outside expectant of another overcast but pleasant day, however, what you see is a surprise. A dark […]