English Speech Adaption for Portfolio – What is right and what is just   Immigration is a problem in many countries and impacts millions of people yearly. New Zealand, an affluent country, can accommodate some of these millions of refugees who are forced out of their homes. No human should be forced to experience this […]

Your alarm blares, waking you from serenity. Condensation creeps along the windows, an early sign of the bleak day awaiting; a day you must embrace after emerging from your bed in which solace is found. Curtains drawn you glance outside expectant of another overcast but pleasant day, however, what you see is a surprise. A dark […]

William Parcher At the Pentagon First appears when John is deciphering Russian codes at the Pentagon. John has just explained to the general that the codes are “latitudes and longitudes,” and they “appear to be routing orders across the border into the US.” The General replies: “extraordinary.” A close-up shows John smile and look up. […]

Additional scenes: Charles Herman     John presents his Equilibrium Theory to Professor Hellinger     A series of extreme close-ups and close ups show the final paper of John’s work as Professor Hellinger intently flips through the paper. The classical music is still present but quieter, showing that the Professor is concentrating on the […]

Significant details about Charles Herman Scene: John meets Charles for the first time (1)  Outgoing Confident Alcoholic Amusing Unmotivated Blunt Intrusive Rambunctious Gestural Charismatic Insightful into John (character, needs, thoughts) Ambiguous Understanding What is John doing/what is going on around John when Charles appears? Watching people socialise and interact, he seems envious about what is […]

English Speech – What is right and what is just Assessment Standard 2.5 The purpose of this seminar is to educate and ultimately influence you here today on the need to open up our arms to those less fortunate than us. A country such as New Zealand, which is affluent in many aspects, holds the […]